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A Certain Scientific Railgun Season 1 Episode 1

Kuroko Shirai, a member of Academy City’s Public Moral Committee, Judgment, is on the scene to apprehend a group of thugs harassing a girl only to find out the girl is not other than her sempai Mikoto Misaka who has already dealt with them. During this time, the city is holding a “System Scan” at several schools including Tokidawai Middle School. At Tokodawai, Mitsuko Kongo, a second year student mocks Kuroko and thinks she’ll reach Level 5 before her only to witness Mikoto testing her powers at the School’s pool which cause a giant explosion that can be seen and heard from afar. Kazari Uiharu, a colleague of Kuroko at Judgement and a fan of Misaka, is invited by Kuroko to meet up with Mikoto herself and brings along her friend, Ruiko Saten. In reality, Kuroko’s main plan was to use Uiharu as an excuse so she could date Mikoto, but after finding her true purpose, Mikoto instead decides to bring them to a crêpe shop so she can get a Gekota key chain where a Tour Group are taking a break. Uiharu and Saten are surprise that Mikoto acts very nice and normal and not like the Rich Socialite image that they had in mind.

Just then, a nearby bank is getting robbed and Kuroko goes into action to stop the robbers including one who is a Pyrokinesist. Meanwhile, as Mikoto and the others helps the civilians escape, they hear from a tour guide that a boy has wandered off from the group. Ruiko spots him being taken hostage by one of the escaping robbers and tries to stop them herself, getting kicked in the process. Taking it personally, Mikoto uses her powers to create her signature move, “The Railgun” to stop the robber’s car from escaping. After the Robbers have been taken into custody by the City’s Police, Anti-skills, Ruiko is praised by Mikoto, the tour guide, the boy’s mother and the boy himself for her bravery.

Episode Title: Electro Master

Air Date: 2009-10-02


A Certain Scientific Railgun Season 1 Episode 1


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