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A Certain Scientific Railgun Season 1 Episode 5

While investigating a series of car break-ins, Kuroko and Uiharu encounter the culprit in the act but Kuroko rushes into action against Uiharu advice and gets knock out by the thief’s accomplice who was hiding inside the car. Uiharu tries to stop them but is tazered by the escaping thieves. Both of them get into an argument as Uiharu blames Kuroko recklessness for not listening to her to wait for backup. When Uiharu asks her about the promise they made, Kuroko doesn’t remember which angers Uiharu and causes her to storm off. Saten arrives at the Judgment’s 177th Branch Office to visit Uiharu who is currently in a foul mood which Mii Konori decides to explain how Uiharu and Kuroko became partners which, at the same time, a musing Kuroko tells to Mikoto.

When they were still in grade school, Kuroko met Uiharu whilst both of them were training at Judgment. While on patrol with Konori, Kuroko felt she was being held back due to her age, but Konori that she needed to learn to work with others. To cheer her up, Konori decided to treat her and went to withdraw some money from the post office ATM’s, where Kuroko met up with Kazari again. However, Konori noticed a suspicious man carrying a gun, but failed to notify the staff before he made his move. Ignoring Konori’s orders, Kuroko quickly rushed to the bank robber and knocked him down. Unfortunately, the robber had an accomplice hiding among the crowds who had taken Uiharu hostage. With everyone distracted, the alarm was sounded, bringing the shutters down and activating a security bot. Kuroko again rushed towards the robber using the bot as cover, but Konori pushed her away when he destroys the bot, shielding her from the explosion and shrapnel.

As the robber beat Kuroko, she blamed herself for being thoughtless and getting Konori hurt and Uiharu into this mess. She decided to save Uiharu by teleporting her outside while she keeps the robber trap inside. As Uiharu cried for help, the robber realized what Kuroko was planning but told her he could still escape thanks to his power “Equal Speed”, with which anything he throws will not stop no matter what obstacle is in its way, which he demonstrated by throwing a steel ball breaking thorough the shutters. He told Kuroko to use her powers to get the money in the ATM’s but she refuses, to which he responded by throwing a barrage of steel balls against her. But the balls were destroyed by an electrical blast shot by Mikoto, who anonymously answered Uiharu pleas. With the robber distracted, Kuroko used the opportunity to pin him down before he had a chance to act just as the police finally arrive. In the aftermath, Kuroko and Uiharu both promised with each other that they’ll help each other to become true to themselves and become better members of Judgment. Upon finishing the story, Kuroko realizes this was the promise Uiharu spoke of. When she gets a call from Konori that Uiharu has found the car thieves, with encouragement from Mikoto, Kuroko decides to go and help Uiharu.

Episode Title: A Certain Newbie Training of Two

Air Date: 2009-10-30


A Certain Scientific Railgun Season 1 Episode 5


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