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Gungrave Season 1 Episode 19

The episode begins with a flashback of Bob lying near-death on a hospital table with Lee watching in. Ragnarok appears and muses that Bob’s high cholesterol level from years of chicken consumption gave him a brain aneurysm and put him in this coma. Lee jumps Ragnarok at the apparent insult and Ragnarok reveals that Bob’s life can be saved by turning him into a Superior, which is an extremely strong OrgMan with will power. However, the process is, at this point, untested, so Lee asks Ragnarok to perfect the formula on Lee to save Bob’s life.

Cut to present day, with Brandon(still fairly amnesiac) and Mika shopping within the city for food, Mika is slightly disguised by shades and a hat, and she playfully puts a hat on top of Grave to help them blend in. They sit down and Mika circles the letters S-C-O-T-T on a newspaper, as if by response, Scott appears, snags the paper and motions Mika to a bookstore. It is here Mika is filled up-to-date with what has been going on in Billion, Scott tells her all about Harry, Millennion, The Great Four, OrgMen, and, after some coaxing, Brandon.

Meanwhile, Brandon overhears two Millennion agents discussing a meeting of Harry and The Great Four, but upon Mika’s return, he doesn’t say a word of it.

Millennion finds out who Scott has been talking to and executes him.

That night, Grave dons his outfit and heads to the mansion he heard about, and is met up by an OrgMen, and while fighting them Mika realizes that Brandon has gone missing. After defeating them, Grave enters the mansion only to find that its only occupants are Harry and The Big Four. Lee reveals he had Bob plant the lead so Brandon would hear it, but the Syndicate members soon realize that Brandon’s memory is extremely fragmented, they leave Brandon to Bob and depart. As Bob transforms into his Superior state, Brandon regains his memory of Bob.

As a titantic battle ensues with the gigantic Bob, Brandon begins to remember everyone else from his life, and starts fighting with a new fervor, taking down the monster with rapid-fire attacks he can’t heal from. Eventually he beats Bob back down to his human form, and Bob begs for his life. Brandon leaves and suddenly Bob’s eyes go red, and he launches an attack on Brandon, to which he easily counters and finishes Bob off.

Serie: Gungrave

Episode Title: Superior

Air Date: 2004-02-09



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