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Rosario + Vampire Season 2 Episode 13

Continuing from previous episode, Tsukune is continuing his journey to the castle. On his way to the castle, he is attacked by Komori and his army of bats, and Mizore’s and Kurumu’s mothers. When he finally reaches the castle, Kokoa warns him that the third Dark Lord is her father, and his powers exceed that of an S-class youkai. Despite that though, Tsukune is willing to face him to get a new rosario for Moka. Tsukune gets beaten badly by the Dark Lord, but his determination brings out his latent vampire powers and manages to snatch the rosario from the Dark Lord’s hand. Eventually, Inner Moka arrives and stops the fight, saying that Tsukune has the won the battle. The Dark Lord agrees to let Tsukune have the rosario and leaves the castle. Kokoa tries to steal the rosario away from Tsukune, but before she could run away with it, the caste starts to collapse, as Koumori explains that the castle collapses every time the Dark Lord leaves. With the Rosario in his hand, Tsukune prepares to bring back Outer Moka, but not before Inner Moka has her moment with him – which results in Tsukune being kicked hard and bit in the neck. With the Rosario in place, Tsukune and Outer Moka have their reunion, and Tsukune is bitten yet again. Soon after, Kurumu, Mizore, and Yukari also try to get in the moment. Finally, after everyone dances to the ending credits, Nekonome-sensei and Ruby arrive with the bus to bring everyone back to Youkai Academy. Kokoa vows that she will get her “true” sister back from Tsukune, but her father unexpectedly shows up and deduces that Kokoa was behind the entire thing. He punishes her in the form of public spanking. Kokoa suddenly bursts out with the Lilith’s Mirror, splitting Moka into her two selves again and all the girls (even Inner Moka) grab on to Tsukune.

Episode Title: Family + Vampire

Air Date: 2008-12-25


Rosario + Vampire Season 2 Episode 13


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