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Soul Eater Season 1 Episode 36

While everything else is going on, Justin and Giriko are having a private battle in the snow. After getting a little beat up, Giriko decides to run and distracts Justin with snow copies of himself. Meanwhile, the Mizune sisters report their success back to Eruka outside the magnetic field. Inside the field, the demon inside Soul is urging him to start playing the piano, and when Soul finally does, everyone can immediately feel the effects. The resonance link allows Maka, Black*Star, and Kid unprecedented coordination, and Mosquito barely has time to defend himself. Soul then directs each of the three to use their strongest attacks in succession, and Black*Star and Kid cause Mosquito to lose his arms. When it’s finally Maka’s turn, she transforms Soul into a form that surpasses the Majou Gari (lit. witch hunter): the Majin Gari (lit. demon hunter). This easily slices through Mosquito, but unfortunately, Mosquito detaches his head and escapes before the rest of his body explodes.

Kid wants to give chase, but Soul knows that they can’t because they’re out of time. He realizes that unlike them, Mosquito can keep transforming himself younger and buying himself more time in the magnetic field. This leaves the trio no choice but to withdraw without BREW, and they meet up with Kilik and Ox on the way out, right as the image of the pyramid explodes. When the group emerges from the magnetic field, Marie looks ready to slap them, but she ends up hugging them instead out of relief. They are then found by Sid and the others, and Maka reports back to Shinigami-sama as they all head back home to Shibusen. Mosquito meanwhile makes his way back to Arachne and nervously reveals to her that after 800 years in the magnetic field, BREW has stopped functioning. She doesn’t mind though and points out that Shibusen doesn’t know that it’s broken, so she can bluff and threaten them.

What neither Arachne nor the Shibusen group realizes is that the real BREW was taken by the Mizune sisters and Eruka for Medusa. They had switched it out for the broken one, and Medusa is confident that her sister won’t figure out that she got a fake. As for the Shibusen side, Medusa had used the snake inside of Marie to bring out the madness in Stein. And now that she has her hands on BREW, Medusa wants everyone – including the Kishin – to watch what she’ll do.

Serie: Soul Eater


Episode Title: Release, Seven People's Resonance Chain! Concert of Creation and Destruction?

Air Date: 2008-12-08


Soul Eater Season 1 Episode 36


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