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Transformers: Armada Season 1 Episode 42

Aboard the Axalon, the Autobots bid farewell to Earth, their 2nd home, and the memory of Optimus Prime. Smokescreen has a new name “”Hoist”” to fit his new reformatting.

The Mini-Cons broadcast a signal to some “”friends””. Hundreds of glowing, space-travelling Mini-Cons show up to battle the enemy. With the Street Action Team’s help, the kids remember their journey through cyberspace and identify the enemy as Unicron!

Blurr pilots the ship through an asteroid field and the Decepticon ship attacks. The Autobots and Decepticons head outside to fight, while the Mini-Cons hurry to battlestations. Out in space, Megatron is taking out the Autobots (and some Decepticons) with the requiem blaster.

Sparkplug heads out with the Matrix, and Perceptor summons the glowing space Mini-Cons with the Mini-Con music. The light beams converge in the Matrix and power Sparkplug to knock down Megatron. The glowing energy then takes on form, resurrecting Optimus Prime, who blasts Megatron away.

Episode Title: Miracle

Air Date: 2003-10-31



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