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Vampire Knight Season 2 Episode 4

The episode started off with Senri visiting his uncle; Ichiru was found in the same residence. His uncle brought Senri to meet an unconscious man who was immersed in a tub of blood, who his uncle claim to be Senri’s father. A same vampire child with mismatched eyes who had previously sapped Yuki of energy entered the scene and behaved of a much older age than he appears to be. Senri’s uncle addressed the child as a Lord and the child collapsed unconscious on the tub. Senri’s father woke and demanded for Senri to lend him his power. Red tendrils of energy surrounded Senri and the scene was cut to Aido’s mansion where the rest of the Night class were gathered. Kaname’s bodyguard reported that “they” have started moving, and Kaname was seen to become very disturbed upon learning the news and ordered everybody to return to the Academy. Yuki was taking a bath and contemplating her past conversation with Zero when she suddenly recalled a woman in a white dress embracing her. When she opened her eyes, she found her bathtub filled with blood. Zero suggested Yuki seek details of her past by reading the Vampire Hunter Association’s records and they went to the Association city with Cross Kaien and Yagari. While Yuki was searching through the records, she accidentally found a 16 year old record written by Cross Kaien, and it was revealed Kaien was once a vampire hunter as well. Meanwhile, the Association president showed Zero remnants of the clothing perished Vampire hunters wore which were soaked with blood. Zero collapsed from exposure to so much blood and the President told him he could either regain his sanity by drinking a pureblood’s blood or reversing ‘The Cursed Twins’. Yuki suddenly screamed and Zero found her in shock while a book was burning. Yuki was just about to turn the page of a book which recorded events from a decade ago when the page burst into flames. Yuki was so upset she cried the entire night in Zero’s arms. The next day Kaname and the group at Aidou’s house returned and Yuki was there to greet him. Yuki asked to meet Kaname in private to discuss something and Kaname agreed. Upon returning to the dorm, Kaname found that Aidou has went through his rooms and told Aidou to stay out of his affairs. Aidou professed his concerns about Kaname’s past and his plots. Kaname told Aidou his parents were murdered but revealed nothing else. Takuma was ordered to meet Ichiou at his office where Takuma was shocked to be introduced to a cruel and mysterious vampire whom Ichiou addresses as ‘My Lord’

Episode Title: The Devil's Quickening

Air Date: 2008-10-28


Vampire Knight Season 2 Episode 4


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