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Season 1
Episode 1 - We Kiruminphosed!? Episode 2 - Is It True... That I'm A Dog!? Episode 3 - Being Loved By A Stray Cat!? Episode 4 - No One Can Tranformed!? Episode 5 - Pursuit! Chase Maro-chan!? Episode 6 - Cupid Strategy!? Episode 7 - Pass on the beach saw the elephant god? Episode 8 - Revealing the Seven Wonders of the school? Episode 9 - Spellbound in the Attic? Episode 10 - Mon Mon Monkey Panic! Episode 11 - Endless pounding thumps in the dark? Episode 12 - Rakkisain Solve the mystery! Episode 13 - Hurry up! Kirumin rescue! Episode 14 - Directive? Homework. Clear mom? Episode 15 - Where has grace gone? Episode 16 - Feeling chicken, cock-a-doodle-doo! Episode 17 - Infiltration! Alligators have two dogs in the yard? Episode 18 - Beauty bat calling on Thief! Episode 19 - Shine! The seven colors smell? Episode 20 - Love vampire rabbits? Episode 21 - Beyond the shadow of the demon cat? Episode 22 - Raccoon has come! Episode 23 - Raburabuokameinko encryption? Episode 24 - Protect it! Hitsugi of Friendship? Episode 25 - Advance! UFO Kirumin expedition? Episode 26 - Kiruminzu Space Detective! Episode 27 - Beware of the cat cry? Episode 28 - Stop! Egg rolling, c'mon! Episode 29 - The flower! It dango! Ah Nya whole history detective! Episode 30 - Yellow fellow teacher and mops? Episode 31 - I'm white large crowd! I Panda? Episode 32 - Habatake! Moe thought Tamao loose? Episode 33 - Scoop! Black guys sink into the water? Episode 34 - I'm afraid of wolves? Episode 35 - Let us double! Haguhagurida? Episode 36 - Elephant surprise! I treasure cave elephants? Episode 37 - Canon interfere with home visits? Episode 38 - Kikikaikai! Appears leopard mask? Episode 39 - Ken has guts! Do for a legendary monster? Episode 40 - Run to the fountain! Kiruminburusu rat? Episode 41 - The Sea! Ice it! Ah Nya whole history detective! Episode 42 - Protect your banana! Mysterious intruder monkey? Episode 43 - Mee - Wakuwakuwaku! Black and white goats? Episode 44 - Canon Attack! Penginburazazu guys! Episode 45 - Battle of the balloon love the beach! Episode 46 - God the fragrance of wild jungle beach! Episode 47 - Kirumin a pass! Targeted treasure? Episode 48 - Canon're everywhere! Land mushrooms to GO! GO! GO!? Episode 49 - Coffin Fly Away! Labyrinth Caught in the hot springs? Episode 50 - Animal Paradise Kirumin ZOO!?
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Animal Detectives Kiruminzoo

While searching for a run-away cat the twins Riko and Rimu Mikogami find a strange device that transforms them into “Kirumin.” It also enables them to turn into real animals. Their older sister Nagisa soon joins them. Now the three have cute, funny and sometimes dangerous adventures.

KissAnime Review:

My favorite TV show from year 2009. Most TV series, even the greatest ones, evaporate like mist once you’ve returned to the real world; they leave memories behind, but their reality fades free quickly. But not Animal Detectives Kiruminzoo. If a TV series can manage me to stay hooked on the whole TV series online, that’s very impressive.

I’m the biggest fan in the world of TV show like this Everytime I watch this TV show online, I really enjoy the music, it is just pure soul of that TV show. The amount of details and little aspects of the TV series that you can find years and years later is absolutely amazing.

I’m not a true fan of comedy, but I’m like that too! No better place than KissAnime exist for free TV show and tv shows so I added this TV series here, so now this TV show will be available online free for all.

Animal Detectives Kiruminzoo


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