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Season 1
Episode 1 - First Kiss Episode 2 - Magic Words Episode 3 - The Place Where It All Started Episode 4 - Dangerous Boy Episode 5 - Toward the Dark Forest Episode 6 - Father's Hand Episode 7 - I Must Do It Episode 8 - Phantom of the School Episode 9 - Rainbow for Each Episode 10 - I Want to See You Episode 11 - After the Dance Episode 12 - Lured by the White Mist Episode 13 - Jungle Paradise Episode 14 - The Last Sunday Episode 15 - I Want to Pursue Episode 16 - Siberian Express Episode 17 - Do you Remember the Promise? Episode 18 - Moon Over Ekaterinburg Episode 19 - Broken Heart Episode 20 - Chevaliers Episode 21 - Sour Grapes Episode 22 - The Zoo Episode 23 - Two Chevaliers Episode 24 - Airy Singing Voice Episode 25 - The Red Shield Episode 26 - Those Who Serve Saya Episode 27 - Paris, je t'aime Episode 28 - Limited Existence Episode 29 - Cursed Blood Episode 30 - Joel's Diary Episode 31 - Breaking Shield Episode 32 - A Boy Meets a Girl Episode 33 - The Power of Believing Episode 34 - The World Where We Exist Episode 35 - Tomorrow Without Hope Episode 36 - Mismatched Feelings Episode 37 - To a Level of Sheer Madness Episode 38 - Showdown Island Episode 39 - Magic Words, Once More Episode 40 - Dreams That Chevaliers Dream Episode 41 - Place Where I Belong Episode 42 - Soprano of Miracles Episode 43 - Confused Heart Episode 44 - Into the Light Episode 45 - Turn the Palm of Your Hand Toward the Sun Episode 46 - May Tomorrow Be a Clear Day Episode 47 - Beyond All Blood Episode 48 - Skyscraper Opera Episode 49 - Two Queens Episode 50 - Nan-kuru-nai-sah
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Unable to remember the past, high school senior Saya Otonashi must rediscover her destiny in order to defeat the chiropteran vampires that threaten her loved ones’ existence.

KissAnime Review:

Blood+ – one of the best animationTV series, I ever seen. I accept that my expectations are very low before I see this TV show. I know it gets a lot of stick for being the mainstream popular TV series, but honestly I can not think of anything wrong with the TV series online.

Blood+ is the only TV show I saw whole, more than once This TV series has destroyed my mind and nothing will happen after that The opening song still gives me goosebumps and increases the temperature of my body.

After watching, I really liked the mix of feelings. No better place than KissAnime exist for free TV show and tv shows so I added this TV series here, you can watch this TV series online for free now.



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