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Season 1
Episode 1 - The Fallen God! The Byakko Kogenta Episode 2 - Attack of the Earth Style Episode 3 - Clash of the Byakko Episode 4 - Strength of the Sword! Saikaidou Kotetsu Episode 5 - Fight Between Dragons and Tigers Episode 6 - Dance! Toujinfu Episode 7 - Invoke! Wave-Cutting Blade Episode 8 - Yumma and Souma Episode 9 - The Fighting Heart Episode 10 - Battle at the Mysterious Ancient Capital Episode 11 - Secret of The Ten-ryū Ruins Episode 12 - Heaven and Earth Shock, Big Spirits Episode 13 - Their Bond Episode 14 - Demon Invasion Episode 15 - Escape to the Northeast Episode 16 - Return of the Assassin Episode 17 - Underwater Battle With White Tiger Episode 18 - Fortress' Seal Episode 19 - Struggle in the Secret Hot Spring Episode 20 - Shivering Big Spirit Episode 21 - That name is Yakumo Episode 22 - Seal Engraved on the Heart Episode 23 - White Tiger Disappears Episode 24 - The Past, Once Again Episode 25 - Open.Zero Drive Episode 26 - Northeastern Opens Episode 27 - Year-end Chaos Episode 28 - Seal's Quickening Episode 29 - Enemy's Invitation Episode 30 - A Man Racing to the Four Kimon Episode 31 - Built Up Emotions Episode 32 - Gold Rush at the Beach Episode 33 - A Reunion that Transcends Time Episode 34 - Ryuuko, Again Episode 35 - The Price of Power Episode 36 - Stray Shikigami, Kuroku's Ordeal Episode 37 - Broken Trust Episode 38 - Falling Stars of Calamity Episode 39 - Climatic Battle! Ten and Chi Episode 40 - Master Power - Byakko Reborn Episode 41 - Utsuho Resurrected Episode 42 - Awakening of the Blue Episode 43 - Dirtied Savior Episode 44 - Red Trap Episode 45 - Burn Up! Souma Episode 46 - Farewell, Yakumo Episode 47 - Fierce Attack of the Yondaiten Episode 48 - The Qualifications to Become a Leader Episode 49 - The End of the Dream Episode 50 - With our Bonds at Stake Episode 51 - The Demise of the Taikyoku Episode 52 - Among the Passing Seasons
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Chronicles of the Yin-Yang War

Onmyō Taisenki is a Japanese manga series scripted by Yoshihiko Tomizawa and illustrated by Hiroyuki Kaidō. It was adapted into an anime series produced by Sunrise.

KissAnime Review:

This TV series is one of my favorite animation TV shows last time. This TV series, which I free even refuse to compare with the other ones is the masterpiece created by my favorite director. If a TV series can manage me to stay hooked on the whole TV show online, that’s very impressive.

Easily TV show with the best dialogues ever. The director is insanely talented guy. This TV series online seriously is incredible. My favorite TV show of this director, and that’s saying something!

…Damn, I need to watch these TV series online again. It was so good! There is no better place in web for TV series than KissAnime so I added full TV series Chronicles of the Yin-Yang War here :), now you can see this TV series online for free.


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