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Season 1
Episode 1 - Wind of Destiny Episode 2 - New World Episode 3 - Those With Power Episode 4 - The Wind's Decision Episode 5 - The Country Of The Buddhist Precepts Episode 6 - Premature Outcome Episode 7 - Awakened Feelings Episode 8 - Betrayal's Whereabouts Episode 9 - After the Fight Episode 10 - The Lonely Princess Episode 11 - Premonition of Conspiracy Episode 12 - The Advance Towards Truth Episode 13 - Running at Full Power Episode 14 - Temptation of Power Episode 15 - Small Treasure Episode 16 - Tragedy of a Race Episode 17 - A Wish Beyond Reach Episode 18 - The Prayer That Doesn't Die Out Episode 19 - The Land of Darkness Episode 20 - Reunion Episode 21 - Feelings That Won't Be Wiped Away Episode 22 - The Maze of Memories Episode 23 - Bonds Episode 24 - The Yellow Shadow of Happiness Episode 25 - Prologue to the Battle Episode 26 - Lonely Memories Episode 27 - Senshitachi Warriors Episode 28 - The Proof of Existence Episode 29 - The Friendship That Slipped By Episode 30 - Confrontation Episode 31 - Compensation of ambition Episode 32 - Thought of nation Episode 33 - The Lost Light Episode 34 - The Rise Of The Flame Of War Episode 35 - The One Who Becomes the Sacrifice Episode 36 - Revived Wings Episode 37 - The Fall of the Capital Episode 38 - An Endless Fight Episode 39 - The Awakening Episode 40 - Aimed Power Episode 41 - Captured Thoughts Episode 42 - Little Saviour Episode 43 - Revealed Truth Episode 44 - Unsolved Spell Episode 45 - The Confined Girl Episode 46 - To the Ground of Decision Episode 47 - Perplexed Savior Episode 48 - Advent Episode 49 - Mother and Child Episode 50 - Eternity Episode 51 - To the Place Where the Wind Blows
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Kiba, a fantasy anime by Madhouse and Aniplex, began broadcasting on TV Tokyo on April 5, 2006. The series is directed by Hiroshi Kōjina with Upper Deck Japan, a trading card game company, as the main sponsor. The anime has been licensed by Upper Deck USA and produced by ADV Films for North American distribution.

The series is more violent than other trading-card-game-tie-in animations with many characters being killed. According to an interview with the March 2006 issue of Animage, Hiroshi Kamishina, the show’s director, noted that the show “absolutely will not have any plot elements that curry favor to children”. The producers of the show has also commented that Kiba will not be the type of show to put “human drama” on the back burner while concentrating on promotional tie-ins. While Upper Deck owns the rights to the series, ADV Films is the distributor and their production studio Amusement Park Media is producing the dub. Kiba aired on Toonami Jetstream from July 14, 2008 to January 21, 2009 and is now showing on The Anime Network’s Video on Demand service.

KissAnime Review:

Kiba – amazing TV show from 2006 year. Kiba is by far the best online TV show production I’ve ever seen. If a TV series can manage me to stay hooked on the whole TV show online, that’s very impressive.

There are some stages in this TV series that I will remember them until death. The director is insanely talented guy. Special effects, action and characters give this high rating.

…Damn, I need to watch these TV show online again. It was so good! I just bought this TV series on blu ray and decided to upload full TV series Kiba here, now each person can watch this TV show from here for free.



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