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Season 1
Episode 1 - We can transform!? No way! Episode 2 - Give us a break! The city targeted by the Dark! Episode 3 - Beware the cute student teacher! Episode 4 - A miracle!? The living art gallery. Episode 5 - Super bad! Pisard with his life on the line Episode 6 - A new darkness! The bear in the dangerous forest Episode 7 - Lacrosse battle! The unseen wonder of a maiden's heart. Episode 8 - Pretty Cure breaks up! Isn't this a bit early!? Episode 9 - Retrieval! The battle for Mepple. Episode 10 - Honoka's Exploding Anger! The Best Birthday! Episode 11 - Saving Ryouta! Gekidoraago Panic! Episode 12 - Introducing the evil flower, Poisonee... who's that?? Episode 13 - Beware of the Younger Transfer Student Episode 14 - Fake or Real!? Impostor Pretty Cure on the Loose Episode 15 - The deadly family vacation. Episode 16 - Stress release! Being the Madonna is tough. Episode 17 - Catch my Heart! Working on a Farm is Exciting Episode 18 - Doki doki! Midterms are a labyrinth of love Episode 19 - Too scary! The Dark Zone's final card Episode 20 - Which one's real? Two Honokas Episode 21 - Shocking Date! The Truth about Kiriya Episode 22 - No Way! Chuutaro becomes a mother!? Episode 23 - Danger! The nighmare of summer training camp Episode 24 - Decisive Battle! Pretty Cure vs. Ilkuubo Episode 25 - Now to the Garden of Light, Popo! We!? Episode 26 - Farewell, Maple and Mipple!? I can't! Episode 27 - A New Evil Draws Near! Help Porun, the Lost Child! Episode 28 - Legeene Takes the Stage! Don't Trifle with Me! Episode 29 - Storm of the Summer Festival! The Thunder God is Hyper-scary!? Episode 30 - Explosion! Pretty Cure Rainbow Storm Episode 31 - Seriously Running Away? Where is Porun, Really? Episode 32 - Encourage Porun! The Greatest Carnival Episode 33 - Get the V! Hearts Connect along the Path of Light Episode 34 - Nagisa Wins by a Mile! Fire-powered Chinko Relay Episode 35 - Is This a Date? The Raging Shouts of "Happy Birthday" Episode 36 - Grasp Freedom! A Desperate Watchman's Big Escape Episode 37 - Now's our debut! Defeated Romeo and Juliet Episode 38 - Go with guts! Ryouta's errant strategy Episode 39 - Tears glitter! Sweat drops! Big trouble at the wedding! Episode 40 - An invitation to a world of dreams, a journey of overnight darkness Episode 41 - We can never lose! Strike the Dark Power! Episode 42 - Two become one! Nagisa and Honoka's Powerful Bond Episode 43 - Violent tremors roll up! A report of affection for Fuji-P-senpai Episode 44 - The Happiest!? Nagisa's White Christmas Episode 45 - Sing, Sakura Class! The Choir Spreads Its Courage Episode 46 - Really BAD! The Stone's Power is STOLEN!? Episode 47 - Enter the Strongest Soldiers! I REALLY Don't Believe This!! Episode 48 - The Greatest Battle in History! Pretty Cure's Final Day!! Episode 49 - Believe in the future! Have faith in tomorrow! What an inexpressible farewell
Season 2
Episode 1 - We are still Pretty Cure! The Legend Continues through Thick and Thin! Episode 2 - The Freshman is a Profound Mystery! But She is really full of Riddles Episode 3 - Could this be Destiny? Porun and Hikari's Approaching Encounter Episode 4 - You are not alone! A Premonition that Two Moods Overlap Episode 5 - A Gallant Appearance! My Name is Shiny Luminous! Episode 6 - Episode 6 Episode 7 - Episode 7 Episode 8 - Episode 8 Episode 9 - Episode 9 Episode 10 - Episode 10 Episode 11 - Big Pinch! Don't Hang Your Heart in this One-shot Turnaround!! Episode 12 - Business Prosperity! Welcome the Cafe's Plateau! Episode 13 - Episode 13 Episode 14 - Episode 14 Episode 15 - Episode 15 Episode 16 - Nagisa's in High Spirits! The Lucky Color is in the Pink! Episode 17 - What's This!? A Distressed Honoka's Meeting for Reading Research Papers Episode 18 - Camping, 'Hoy! Becoming reliant on Daddy!? Episode 19 - Hikari is worried! Nagisa's changing schools--Unbelievable!! Episode 20 - Namida's Farewell!? Rina's Ponpoko Tale Episode 21 - So soon? So often!? A Forbidden Encounter Episode 22 - The Horror of Baldez! Pretty Cure Cornered Episode 23 - Rebound the Dark Powers! Hope Uncovers a New Power!! Episode 24 - Adolescent Full Throttle! Yuka-senpai and Nagisa's Top Deciding Battle! Episode 25 - Hikari's Summer Day, Sanae's Reminiscence Episode 26 - Losing Nagisa! Everyone is Worried and Greatly Afraid! Episode 27 - Don't finish your Homework Yet! Pears and Storms and Zakennah! Episode 28 - Veroune Panic! The Naughty Ghost-Hunting Princess Episode 29 - No Way...Seriously...Really? Porun's Great Babysitter Strategy! Episode 30 - Do your best, Luloon! Weave the Future with the Power of Light Episode 31 - Valdez Reborn! Break Through with Teamwork at the Last Second!! Episode 32 - Episode 32 Episode 33 - Episode 33 Episode 34 - Episode 34 Episode 35 - Episode 35 Episode 36 - Return to the Pit! Polun and Lulun's Great Adventure Episode 37 - Nagisa's Flying! Honoka's Dancing! Feel the Power of the Harvest on the Great Stage! Episode 38 - Goodbye, Honoka!? Our Bonds will Intensify Forever! Episode 39 - Episode 39 Episode 40 - Episode 40 Episode 41 - Deliver your Spirit! A Wandering Present of Courage!! Episode 42 - A Rink Full of Sweethearts? Slipping and Falling into Grave Danger! Episode 43 - Episode 43 Episode 44 - Episode 44 Episode 45 - Episode 45 Episode 46 - Episode 46 Episode 47 - Episode 47
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Pretty Cure

Pretty Cure, known in Japan as Futari wa Pretty Cure, is a Japanese magical girl anime series The theme of the series revolves around Yin and Yang, which explains the relationship between Nagisa and Honoka trying to work together as Pretty Cures.

KissAnime Review:

I watched again this week and this TV series is really amazing. I accept that my expectations are very low before I see this TV show. This TV show literally has everything. This is a TV series you can watch online with any crowd of people, and everyone will enjoy it at least a little.

Pretty Cure is the only TV series I saw whole, more than once I never expected anything from this animated before and I blew my mind. Pretty Cure stand up to the test of time.

I needed some time after I watched to get back to mind. I uploaded this TV show to KissAnime, now each person can watch this TV show from here for free.

TV Status: Ended

Duration: 25 min


TMDb: 8.8


Pretty Cure
Pretty Cure


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