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Season 1
Episode 1 - Choco and the Heart's Shooting Star Episode 2 - The Love Battle between the Frog and the Mouse Episode 3 - The Newspaper Club Assault ☆ Interview Episode 4 - The Magical Lip is a Premonition for Love Episode 5 - Dokidoki, Harahara!! The Family Visit Episode 6 - Aim at the Heart! Fencing of Love Episode 7 - Chocola lost her Qualifications as the Queen Candidate!? Episode 8 - The Vacance Date of a Lady Episode 9 - A Green Heart Present Episode 10 - Learn from Robin! Love Love Mission Episode 11 - More Important than Love!? Friendship Magic Episode 12 - Chocola turns into a Cat!? Episode 13 - A Brilliant Heart! The Queen Candidate Test Episode 14 - The Transfer Student who uses Magic Episode 15 - The Contrary Macaroon Pandemonium!? Episode 16 - Chocola becomes an idol! Episode 17 - Ojii Invasion! Dance of Love Showdown Episode 18 - Super Scary! Halloween Test of Courage!? Episode 19 - Demon User Blanca's Small Love Episode 20 - Chocola Pinch? Application for Lovely Witch Episode 21 - The Magical Tea Cup is Filled with Dreams Episode 22 - Chocola and Vanila's Triangle Relationship? Episode 23 - Run Run! Friendship Relay Episode 24 - Bye bye, Heart-shaped Hair Accessory Episode 25 - Pierre's Secret, The Diary's Secret Episode 26 - The Loving Heart of Christmas Episode 27 - A Tiny Heart, Crimson Heart Episode 28 - Danger! Aquarion Date Episode 29 - Demon World Genesis, Secret of the Ogre Episode 30 - Ogre's Declaration of War! Crisis of the Heart Factory Episode 31 - The Harrassing Witch, Waffle makes her Appearance! Episode 32 - Chocola, Desirious Thoughts of Chocolate Episode 33 - Heart of Friendship, Important Feelings Episode 34 - Chocola and Vanila and the Star of Dreams Episode 35 - Waffle becomes Queen! Episode 36 - Stop the Old Man! Baaya's Secret Mission Episode 37 - The Black Heart and the Ogre's Trap Episode 38 - Piere's Temptation, the Broken Friendship Episode 39 - Birth, Queen of Ogre Episode 40 - Black needle of envy Episode 41 - Showdown with Vanila! The secret spice Episode 42 - Chocola and Piere’s adventure Episode 43 - Invitation to the night of Valplgis Episode 44 - Message from Mama Episode 45 - Piere’s strategy, Vanila’s heart Episode 46 - Witch of Cocoa Desert, Amble Episode 47 - Frozen memories, Piere’s past Episode 48 - Noal and tears of friendship Episode 49 - Queen's final test, begin! Episode 50 - A question by the unicorn, the heart that is being tested Episode 51 - Shining heart! The next Queen selection
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Sugar Sugar Rune

Chocolat Meilleure is a happy-going and optimistic girl. Together with her friend-cum-rival, Vanilla Mieux, they are potential candidates to become Queen of the magic world. After obtaining their magic wands, they set off to the human world to gather the hearts of unsuspecting humans. Whoever gets the most hearts will be the crowned Queen.

KissAnime Review:

Amazing TV series from 2005. It is my favorite comedy TV show because parts felt very similar to my life experience. Sugar Sugar Rune is a long TV series, with the space and leisure to expand and explore its themes.

No TV show ever has filled me with so much strange energy and gotten me so immersed in it. Every single performance is incredible. Not to mention that it has the best music in a TV series. The sum of detail and little aspects of the TV show that you can long time later is seriously amazing.

I needed some time after I watched to get back to mind. I chose to load this wonderful TV show in KissAnime you can now watch TV show online free.


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