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Season 1
Episode 1 - Ueki Kousuke, Law of Justice Episode 2 - The Law of "Start of Battle!!" Episode 3 - The Law of Zai Episode 4 - Man of Martial Arts! The Law of Rihou Episode 5 - The Strongest Ability-Holder, Law of Robert Haydn Episode 6 - The Law of Goodbye Episode 7 - The Law of Kobasen Episode 8 - Fair and Square! The Law of Onimon Episode 9 - The Law of Onimon's Training Episode 10 - The Law of Justice That Never Comes Episode 11 - The Law of Robert's Ten Episode 12 - The Law of the Heavenly Beings Episode 13 - The Law of the Heavenly Beast Episode 14 - The Law of the Awakening Viscera Episode 15 - The Law of Rinko Episode 16 - The Law of Neo Episode 17 - The Law of Two Powers Episode 18 - Tremble! The Law of Dogura Mansion Episode 19 - The Law of Cossack Dance Episode 20 - The Law of Cat and Mouse Episode 21 - The Law of Sano Seiichiro Episode 22 - The Law of Inumaru Episode 23 - The Law of Ueki VS The 10 Episode 24 - The Law of Young Robert Hayden Episode 25 - Revival! The Law of Kobasen Episode 26 - Terror! The Law of Anon! Episode 27 - The Law of Hideyoshi Episode 28 - The Law of the Sun House Episode 29 - Don't Die! Tenko's Law Episode 30 - The Law of the Third Battle Episode 31 - The Law of the Ultimate Tag Team Episode 32 - The Law of Real Strength! Episode 33 - Clash! The Law of Ueki vs Rihou! Episode 34 - The Law of Marilyn Team Episode 35 - The Law of YOU TRICKED ME! Episode 36 - The Law of Proof of Companionship Episode 37 - The Law of the Sacred Treasure's Weak Spots Episode 38 - The Law of Sano's Awakening Episode 39 - The Law of the Closed Heart! Episode 40 - The Law of the Wonderful Mori Ai Episode 41 - The Law of the Real Thing and the Imposter Episode 42 - The Law of Ballow Team Episode 43 - The Law of Goodie-Two-Shoes Pose Episode 44 - The Law of Ueki Level 2! Episode 45 - The Law of Attacks from the Past Episode 46 - The Law of God, a Girl and the Future! Episode 47 - The Law of Anon Who Became God Episode 48 - The Law of Round Four Episode 49 - The Law of the Ten Stars Episode 50 - The Law of Ueki vs Anon Episode 51 - The Law of Null Zai
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The Law of Ueki

The story starts out with the Battle of the Supernatural Powers, a tournament to decide who will be the next god. Each candidate is required to choose a junior high school student to act as their fighter. The student is given a unique power and told to eliminate as many enemies as possible. The winning God Candidate will become the new god of heaven and the winning student will receive a talent that can be anything they choose. While this leads many students to thoughts of greed and selfishness, Kosuke Ueki decides to take it upon himself to win this tournament to keep that power away from those that would abuse such a gift.

KissAnime Review:

My favorite TV show from year 2005. The Law of Ueki is by far the best online TV show production I’ve ever seen. If a TV series can manage me to stay hooked on the whole TV show online, that’s very impressive.

It is a TV show that truly knows what it is and wastes not even a second in conveying what that is. This TV series has destroyed my mind and nothing will happen after that The action, special effects, characters and score are all perfect to me.

I needed some time after I watched to get back to mind. I have not found The Law of Ueki TV show full elsewhere so I uploaded it here, so everyone can now see it for free online.


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